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Managing ADHD in the presence of substance use disorders

Frieda Matthys, Annelien Bronckaerts, Cleo L. Crunelle


ADHD is a highly comorbid disorder in patients with substance use disorders (SUD). This comorbid patient population is, however, often undertreated. Diagnosing ADHD in patients with SUD is not easy due to the large overlap of the ADHD characteristics with symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal.

These patients often disappear prematurely from the treatment services, on the one hand because their untreated ADHD symptoms make it more difficult to follow the therapy, on the other hand because the treatment programs do not take their limitations into account.

Caregivers expressed a great need for concrete tools to work with this patients. Therefore, "Managing ADHD in the presence of substance use disorders" consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The different aspects of the treatment are described from various therapeutic perspectives, and elaborated in ten modules with downloadable worksheets.

"This concise book addresses an important need; namely how to best diagnose and treat ADHD individuals with a comorbid substance use disorder. By providing the relevant clinical approaches under each of the problem headings, the learner better understands how to apply these clinical approaches appropriately. This is a practical and insightful book that I highly recommend to both novice and experienced clinicians alike." Frances R. Levin, MD, Columbia University Medical Center/ New York State Psychiatric Institute

"This is the first publication in which the existing clinical knowledge and our scientific knowledge is summarized and integrated in a handsome format that will make it much easier for clinicians to provide scientifically based and clinically informed diagnosis and treatment for SUD patients with a comorbid diagnosis of adult ADHD. In addition, this book can be used by patients in the context of psycho-education and as a shared decision making aid." Wim van den Brink, MD PhD, Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam, President of the International Collaboration of ADHD and Substance Abuse (ICASA)



Frieda Matthys, MD, PhD, psychiatrist, is head of department at UZ Brussel and professor psychiatry at VUB. She was the president of the Association for Alcohol and other Drug problems and of the Flemish association of psychiatry.

Annelien Bronckaerts, psychologist, is associated with the EVO - Expertise Center for Developmental Disorders at UZ Brussel.

Cleo L. Crunelle, PhD, is a post-doctoral researcher at the department of psychiatry at UZ Brussel.


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